“We use language as an art to design the movement towards the other.”

It is our mission to strengthen your attitude and self-determination in order to expand the scope of action for people and organizations. We support new ways of thinking and patterns of action when economic and political changes affect our society fundamentally. Participation, networks and innovation coin our society from the inside. The word “I” does not matter as much as the word “we”. It is our passion to design this sense of unity and make it move towards the other.

Imperative Art represents a movement inside of me – the movement towards the outside. The signals and impulses we send out lead to a complex mutual web of relationships. Interaction creates atmospheres. Atmospheres that constitute our lives.

“Our life is movement in a space.”

We are Atmosphere-Changers

Imperative Art Acting

Imperative Art is psychologically profound and is built on scientific approaches of medicine and management when it comes to working with people. We use methods of imperative conversation according to Markus Frotz implemented in reference to the observations of Hans Lipps, Henri-Louis Bergson, Alain Badiou, Marc Richir, Maine de Biran and others. We apply the imperative in the sense of “re-arrangements in a space”. “Re-arrange” is a mutual process of the conversation team. The way we use it, Imperative Art should be understood as imperative craftsmanship. As a method, it is also the key for interhuman communication and creates quality connections as a basis in all kinds of situations. Imperative Art opens doors and shows people how to create the keys themselves.

“And the two of us realized that the world bends upwards to a place where there are ideas!”