Who is Who

The Imperative Art crew is oriented towards boosting ideas up to their full potential. We share integral principles of evolutionary organization development for companies and teams that operate in a holistic, self-organized and meaning-fulfilling fashion.

“We are more passionate than ever to change communication cultures, to become clearer about the methods and more curious on this evolutionary journey.”


Markus Frotz - Psychiatrist, neurologist, psychotherapist in BonnMarkus Frotz

Markus attends to people on their way to the middle. He developed Imperative Art in order to nourish meaning and freedom. He is fond of puzzling books, large families and vinyl. More >


Verena Fink - Diplom Betriebswirtin, BonnVerena Fink

Verena is excited about new management and leadership models. She is a passionate network-weaver and is convinced that collaboration offers marvelous new spaces. Curiosity is her elixir of life. More >

Britta Müller - Diplom-Betriebswirtin, Therapeutin, Trainerin, Heilpraktikerin, BonnBritta Müller

Britta is in charge of the Academy and loves creating meaningful relationships. Participants that sail towards uncharted shores full of energy and thirst of adventure motivate her the most. More >



Ralf Wiemann - Diplom-Betriebswirt, Geschäftsführer, BonnRalf Wiemann

Ralf dedicates himself to any process with attention and structure while welcoming the absurdities of life happily. He enjoys meeting authentic people who love their job and independent sounds just as much as he does. More >

Anna Dormagen - Diplom Betriebswirtin, Praxismanagement, Assistenz, BonnAnna Dormagen

Anna is the one to pull the strings and to connect people with an open-minded heartiness. She likes spreading joy and laughter, learning new things and sharing her experience. More >